This new RAW seaweed snack, has no added flavouring – its just the delicious sun dried seaweed full of nutrients and essential minerals. Just one sachet offers 109% of your RDI* for Iodine and 62% of your RDI for Vitamin B12. This raw seaweed snack has less fat at 4.5g per 2 g serving, vs nearly 50% fat in the processed seaweed snacks commonly found on supermarket shelves. Read more about why we are excited to release this product here.

Nori, also be known as Karengo in NZ, is perhaps the most well known of all edible seaweeds, being a key ingredient in sushi.   Instead of eating the processed sheets, which have had other ingredients added before being roasted or fried, just eat it raw from the bag.   Of all the seaweeds, Nori has the highest plant protein percentage too – its a wonderfully healthy snack, and our 2g bag is the easiest format if you are on the go.

Nori seaweed has a texture similar to cellophane and is naturally a dark purple/browny colour (it changes to a greeny colour when it is heated). It has a slightly crunchy texture and a mild natural flavour, with tones of anchovy, mushroom and sometimes nutty.

We test our raw nori seaweed for contaminants in accordance with the Australia New Zealand Food Code.

Product of South Korea. Packed in New Zealand in fully recyclable packaging.

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Pacific Harvest Raw Nori Snack Pack 2g

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