Pimp My Salad Sea Superfood seasoning to complete any meal or snack. This slowly dried unique mix of most nutritious sea vegetables with raw sprouted sunflower seeds and spices will take your meals to next level. 

The perfect addition to asian fusion meals! Sprinkle on your rice bowls, stir fries, curries, miso based soups and taste the difference.

Packed with hand harvested premium sea supefoods provided by the oceans - wakame, tasmaniam kelp, organic spirulina. All premium quality and hand harvested, healthy snack for seaweed lovers. High in iodine and tyrosine, which support thyroid function.


Organic Tasmanian wakame, organic Tasmanian kelp, organic spirulina, Australia raw activated and sprouted sunflower seeds, gluten free wasabi (horseradish powder), organic Tamari (filtered water, organic soybeans, sea salt), plum Vinegar (ume juice, water, sea salt), Himalayan pink salt

Sprouted, slowly dried and no oils added: Dehydrated at 46°C for 16-24 hours, so all nutrients, vitamins and enzymes are preserved. This is alive food, the seeds are soaked (activated) and sprouted to help digestion and to activate enzymes.

Vegan, Gluten Free and Dairy Free, Paleo and Keto

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Pimp My Salad Sea Superfood Sprinkles 135gm

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