Power Super Foods Elderberry Powder 120gm


100% Certified organic elderberry powder (sambucus nigra)

Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) is the small but powerful dark purple berry from the elder tree. With a rich earthy and slightly tart berry taste, Power Super Foods Elderberry Powder is made from the finest grade whole ripe berries organically grown in Eastern Europe (Ukraine), wild harvested and freeze dried, ensuring nutrients and freshness are uncompromised.

Rich in valuable antioxidants (anthocyanins) and known for their natural immune strengthening properties, elderberries are ethically sourced, grown organically and harvested sustainably, providing positive outcomes for wild harvesters and communities whilst encouraging biodiversity and conservation.

Ways to enjoy

Elderberry Powder can be enjoyed as an immune boosting tea, in smoothies, ice cream, stirred into juices, oats, yoghurt, added to baking or as the magical ingredient in home made elderberry syrup. A warm elderberry tea with lemon and honey makes a delicious soothing wellness tonic. Elderberry Powder blends especially well with  Acai or Maqui Berry Powders for a super powered berry combination to include in your wellness routine.

Origins of Elderberry

Surrounded by myth, lore and legend, the elderberry plant has been revered for centuries as sacred and healing, with a long tradition of culinary and medicinal use especially as a cold and flu flighting remedy.

Sensitive to moisture. Store in cool dark place or in refrigerator. Seal tightly and always use a dry spoon.


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Power Super Foods Elderberry Powder 120gm

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