Sustainably harvested by local Nigerian farmers, our tigernuts are carefully extracted then naturally dried, skinned and milled into extra fine flakes.

Use tigernut flakes as a base for mueslis, sprinkled onto yoghurt and smoothie bowls and more.

Nutritional Benefits

Power Super Foods Tigernut Flakes are Australian Certified Organic, Fair Trade and sustainably sourced. Paleo-friendly, tigernut flakes has a mildly sweet vanilla taste and a chewy texture.

A great alternative to oats and sliced almonds, Tigernut Flakes has over 7 times more fibre than cooked rolled oats. It also has 1.8 times more vitamin E and 1.3 times more potassium than almonds.

Source: NUTTAB 2010 Database

Grown in Niger, packed in Australia

Ingredients: Certified Organic Skinned Tigernut Flakes(Cyperus esculentus)


1. How do I use Tigernut Flakes?
Tigernut Flakes are a paleo friendly alternative to nuts and grains. Use them in a base for homemade muesli, sprinkled on yoghurt and smoothie bowls or salad for a nutritious pop of flavour and texture.

2. Why have you used skinned tigernuts in your tigernut Flakes?
We’ve chosen to use skinned tigernuts before milling it into flour for a smoother, finer textured flour, ensuring superior culinary results.

3. Where are your tigernuts sourced?
We source our tigernuts from Niger and pack them in Australia. Like all products in the Power Super Foods range, we ensure we source products from or as close to its original ecosystem to boast superior nutritional profiles. Our tigernuts are Australian Certified Organic, Fair Trade and sustainably sourced.

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Power Super Foods Organic Tigernut Flakes

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