Indulge in a rich chocolate cupcake (or 3!) without the carb and sugar overload.
Feel amazing after eating a choccie cupcake! Yep, it’s possible. Protein Bread Co chocolate cupcakes will hit you with double the enjoyment. Packed with healthy ingredients and no added sugar, you can really have your cake, and feel great afterwards too!

No cupcake is complete without icing! Finish off your chocolate cupcakes with PBCo Sugar-Free Icing Mix.

Quality Natural Ingredients.

Lupin flour, rice flour, cocoa (21%), kibbled sunflower, almond meal, natural sweeteners (erythritol, stevia (steviol glycosides)), coconut flour, raising agents (glucono delta-lactone, sodium bicarbonate, calcium phosphate), salt.

CONTAINS LUPIN AND ALMOND. May contain milk, egg and sesame.

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PBCo. Low Carb Foods Chocolate Cupcake Mix

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