A great pizza mix that will help you make traditional bases to suit all the family. Thin crusty bases or thick pan style pizzas our pizza mix is the only way to perfect pizzas every time.
1kg Pizza Mix will usually make 4-5 large pizzas. (This will depend on how thick or thin you make the bases.) Recipe comes with the bag of pizza mix.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, wheat semolina, soy flour, salt, sugar, emulsifiers(481,472e) Vitamins(Thiamin, Folate)

Nutritional Information Per 100gm Serving: Energy 1480kJ; Protein 10.8g; Carbohydrates ,Total 71.5g; Sugars 0.8g; Fat, Total 1.3g; Fat Saturated 0.3g; Sodium 492mg

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Simply No Knead Pizza Flour Mix

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