This ancient beauty oil is extracted from the nut of a slow growing tree which is found in the driest parts of the world; most notably Morocco and the Atlas Mountains.

Exceptionally rich in Vitamins A & E and Omega 6 essential fatty acids, it has been called 'a beauty elixir' for Its unique anti-ageing properties. 

Argan has a moisturising, strengthening and protecting effect on skin and hair. 

Helps the skin retain its natural elasticity reducing the appearance of visible lines and wrinkles with regular use. 

Versatile: the perfect all in one moisturiser for the face, body, hands and nails. 

A popular hair and scalp treatment oil, Argan oil prevents hair breakage and promotes silky, soft, shiny hair.

Since ancient times, women have been nourishing and protecting their skin, hair, and nails with a beauty product provided by nature: cold pressed plant oils.

Plant Oils are deeply hydrating, rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids; naturally nourishing and protecting the skin with tangible anti-ageing benefits.

These pure and natural oils don’t clog the pores, or leave your skin feeling greasy like mineral oil does. They allow your skin to breathe and actually help promote the healthy function of the skin.

Certified Organic

Springfields Plant Oils are Certified Organic with ACO (Australian Certified Organic), Australia’s largest certifier for organic and biodynamic produce. Organic principles have been maintained from the farm to the finished product. These principles ensure that our oils are 100% pure plant extracts free from pesticides and herbicides.

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Springfields Organic Argan Oil

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