The JING blend remains the primary formula of Taoist herbs for Superfeast community seeking to replenish the Essence of their body and organs that has been lost from living with stress over a long period, indulging in excess, and generally leaking core essence through staying too long in the sympathetic nervous system state and living a general Western lifestyle.

The blend can be used to rebuild your core energy, and once restored can remain in your lifestyle to help you to continue to cultivate this essence within the Kidneys.

Traditionally used in traditional Chinese medicine to:

  • Tonify Kidney-Essence / Kidney-Jing
  • Help body adapt to stress
  • Relieve weariness / tiredness / fatigue


All herbs in this formula are sourced Dì Dào (地道) from herb-producing regions of China.


Caution use with diarrhea due to Spleen deficiency. QI formula in combination with JING can support the health of the Spleen.

Cordyceps sinensis (Cultivated CS-4 mycelium)
From dry hyphae 2g
Eucommia ulmoides (Eucommia bark*)
From dry bark 2g
Lycium barbarum (Goji berry)
From dry fruit 2g
Cistanche salsa (Cistanche stem)
From dry stem 1g
Rehmannia glutinosa (Rehmannia root)
From dry rhizome 1g
Asparagus cochinchinensis (Asparagus root)
From dry root 1g
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Superfeast Jing Blend 100g

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