Thai Lemongrass is a citrusy blend of lemongrass, liver cleansing lime, spices and green tea. The fibre found in agar agar is a digestive superpower. It is known to help absorb toxins from the gut and gastrointestinal tract, carrying waste out of the body.

Enjoy as a healthy cuppa or for a quick meal idea add some asian greens, rice, a dash of coconut milk, squeeze of lime plus a sprinkling of chilli and coriander. Season to taste.


Size: 12g (2 broth bags)

Ingredients: sea salt, dehydrated vegetables, spices, herbs (lemongrass 5%), lime, chilli, ginger, coriander green tea, tomato, vegetable protein extract, bamboo fibre, agar powder.

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The Broth Sisters Thai Lemongrass - Vegetable Sipping Broth -2 Broth bags

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