Thursday Plantation’s Tea Tree Antiseptic Liquid, with its 95% naturally derived and vegan friendly formula makes a great choice for those looking for a natural antiseptic alternative.

This Australian made antiseptic product contains 100% pure antibacterial tea tree oil and offers a multi usage function ranging from cleansing and helping to relieve minor skin wounds, insect bites and stings to killing household germs on hard surfaces.

Every household can use a bottle of this in their first aid cupboard.


  • Helps relieve symptoms of minor skin wounds (cuts, scratches, and abrasions)
  • Decreases symptoms of insect bites & stings
  • Reduces symptoms of mild, superficial skin fungal infections
  • Kills household germs on hard surfaces
  • 95% naturally derived and Vegan friendly formula
  • Not tested on animals
  • Australian made

Directions for use:

Apply this product undiluted using a cotton tipped applicator or cotton wool to the affected area two or three times daily or as required.

For household use, dilute product 1:5 in water and mop or wipe down hard surfaces. No need to rinse after.

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Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Antiseptic Liquid 300ml

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