Address The Real Reason For Hay fever & Allergies

Address The Real Reason For Hay fever & Allergies

Bev Dunne

For many of us spring is a wonderful time of the year, however for those who are hay fever or sinusitis sufferers it is not a very pleasant time at all with airborne allergens such as pollens and dust causing havoc for many allergy sufferers.

Although we will always blame pollens, dust etc for our allergies, it may surprise many to learn, the main cause of allergies actually lies within your immune system. When you are suffering from the typical hay fever symptoms such as sneezing, watery eyes, itchy eyes, itchy, blocked or runny nose, it’s because your immune system has actually mistaken what is normally a harmless substance as a harmful one and then releases chemicals into your system which causes these annoying allergic reactions such as hay fever and sinus.

Many allergy sufferers live their lives trying to avoid those allergens which they know will set off an allergic reaction. I guess that’s fine if first of all you know what is causing the allergic reaction, however to my mind a better option is to get to the cause of the problem which is the immune system. Obviously if you are a hay fever or sinus sufferer it’s pretty well near impossible to avoid pollens and dust at this time of the year. We have found our customers gain much better results by taking a comprehensive approach to treating their allergy - that is treating their immune system. To my mind this is much more logical solution instead of looking for a ‘band-aid’ solution which only mask the symptoms. We suggest looking at a formula specifically developed to get to the core of your allergic condition.

Incredibly, the Chinese first developed what is known as Minor Bupleurum Combination (Xiao Chai Hu) during the Han Dynasty approximately 1800 years ago - and this formula continues to be one of the most effective and popular Chinese medicines used today! Essentially, this ancient formula helps to regulate your immune system and control all types of allergic reactions, especially those mediated by the IgE antibodies responsible for allergic reactions.
Minor Bupleurum Combination is a natural formula containing seven powerful Chinese herbs that are extremely effective in reducing the severity and frequency of a range of allergic conditions. These conditions include hayfever (rhinitis), allergic sinusitis, bronchial airways irritation, irritating skin conditions such as hives (urticaria), certain food allergies, allergic dermatitis and eczema. Due in part to its positive effect on liver function, it also works in easing a range of digestive symptoms, especially those associated with food allergy and intolerance, such as gastrointestinal inflammation, nausea, vomiting and reduced appetite.
We have been selling this combination of Chinese herbs for treatment of allergies for several years and with great success. I just love it when customers return to thank us for prescribing a product. This is one of those products we receive fantastic feedback on.  I have only ever suffered from hay fever and sinusitis a couple of times in my life however, I can sympathise with those people who have to deal with these allergies every year.
I particularly remember one customer returned to our store saying how wonderful it was to get out of bed every morning knowing she didn’t have to deal with her sneezing fits, itchy eyes and the general feeling of fatigue she constantly felt when suffering from hay fever. Another woman returned to say after suffering from severe eczema all her life she now had skin like a ‘baby’s bottom’! This is typical of the many positive comments we hear about these herbs. We receive lots of positive feedback for treatment of skin allergies and allergies affecting the gut.

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