Organic Bamboo Eco-Wear. Soft. Simple. Sustainable.

Organic Bamboo Eco-Wear. Soft. Simple. Sustainable.

Bev Dunne

Over the past few years we have been adding several new bamboo ranges to our store and by far one of the most exciting and interesting ranges has been the bamboo socks, undies, t-shirts and singlets. These products have been a huge hit with our customers for many reasons.

Bamboo is an obvious option when looking for a fibre. Bamboo fabric is very comfortable against the skin plus is bacteria inhibiting, is particularly absorbent, and best of all is grown and manufactured without using harsh insecticides and pollutants.

Bamboo has been grown in Asia for thousands of years without the use of pesticides. It is extremely uncommon for bamboo to be attacked by pests as it has been found the bamboo plant contains a unique anti-bacterial property which protects the plant from disease. This anti-bacterial property is also of benefit for consumers particularly when wearing bamboo socks.

Bamboo underwear and socks are popular for many reasons. They are extremely comfortable and are particularly beneficial for those suffering from foot odour. When wearing bamboo fabric, the perspiration is immediately absorbed, therefore not setting up the odour. As I have mentioned there is also a powerful antibacterial property with bamboo fabric which keeps the bacteria in check, hence no smelly feet!!

The bamboo undies for both men and women have also been a huge hit – they are lovely and soft to wear and we can guarantee you definitely won’t end up with bamboo splinters in your behind!!

We have also introduced a range of colourful mens’ and womens’ bamboo t-shirts and singlets. As well as feeling comfortable against the skin, the bamboo fibres have excellent strength and durability.

When it comes to other bamboo products, we also stock a range of bamboo toothbrushes, combs plus hair and body brushes. There’s also the super soft 3 ply bamboo tissues, paper towels, toilet paper and cotton buds.

Eco-cutlery sets made from bamboo as well as travel cups made from bamboo fibre are also popular.

If you’re looking for something a little different when it comes to Fathers Day gifts why not look for something made with bamboo. Socks and jocks with a bamboo cup, what more could you ask for!

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