Constipation, Reflux & Weight Loss Helped With Sugar Cane Fibre

Constipation, Reflux & Weight Loss Helped With Sugar Cane Fibre

Bev Dunne

I’m always looking for new products to research and occasionally a new product will come onto the market which will really grab my interest. One such product I’ve found interesting is made from 100% natural sugar cane which has 95% of the sugar removed and has been found to be extremely helpful for treatment and prevention of reflux as well as constipation. It has also been found to be beneficial in weight management.

It is now well acknowledged that the microbiome in our gut effects our digestive function. It is also acknowledged that prebiotics as well as probiotics are important to maintain and support the good bacteria in our gut. Interestingly, unlike some fibre supplements, this sugar cane whole plant fibre has been found to be a natural, broad spectrum prebiotic, helping to maintain good gut bacteria which is why it may be helpful for gut and bowel health.

Constipation has to be one of the most common health problems in western society. We know increasing our fibre intake is important in avoiding and treating constipation. Sugar cane whole plant fibre has been found to be an excellent fibre supplement because it is high in complex prebiotic fibre as well as phytonutrients and antioxidants. It also helps maintain a healthy bowel by acting like a brush as it moves through our bowel, picking up and eliminating waste.

There are many positive testimonials from customers taking this product for constipation. Some have suffered from chronic constipation for years and found the sugar cane whole plant fibre solved their problem in a matter of weeks. Others found it helpful for children with constipation.

Another stand out benefit of this fibre is for treatment and prevention of reflux. I’m sure all of us at some time have experienced that uncomfortable, burning sensation which comes with heartburn. For some however, heartburn or reflux is something they live with every day. This product containing sugar cane whole plant fibre has been patented for the treatment of acid reflux and GORD.

Once again, the testimonials for treatment of reflux are amazing. A customer suffering from acid reflux for years, taking pharmaceutical medications which were no longer working, changed over to the sugar cane whole plant fibre and could not believe the difference it had made to his health. Many found the sugar cane fibre to be more beneficial than the pharmaceutical medications without the side effects.

It is believed in conjunction with a healthy diet and an exercise program, boosting our consumption of complex functional and prebiotic fibres may also assist in losing weight. Sugar cane whole plant fibre is low in calories and as well it keeps us feeling fuller for longer. It seems this fibre could also be helpful because as it moves through our body quite swiftly, it lessens the burden on our digestive system which in turn avoids raising blood sugar levels. Interestingly recent analytical results indicate this sugar cane whole plant fibre contains high amounts of the trace element Chromium. Chromium has been found to be helpful in balancing blood sugar and treating sugar cravings and is often included in weight loss supplements.

There are several positive testimonials regarding weight loss when taking sugar cane whole plant fibre. One man lost 25kg which he attributes to using this fibre 2-3 times a day. Another found taking the sugar cane whole plant fibre helped take the edge off his appetite. Another found taking the fibre before meals meant she could halve her meal portions.

With many of us looking to lose a little of the weight we gained over winter, this may be a simple solution. And at the same time, we can improve our gut health.

At just 40c per serve I would say KFibre is a very affordable option for most.

As with all fibre supplements, it is important to ensure we drink plenty of fluids.

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