Kombucha For Gut Health, Arthritis, Detoxing & Mocktails!!

Kombucha For Gut Health, Arthritis, Detoxing & Mocktails!!

Bev Dunne

I often write about the importance of maintaining good gut health, particularly at this time of the year with the overindulgence of rich foods and alcohol.

A simple to addition to our diet which can be extremely helpful when it comes to gut health, is Kombucha. I’m sure many will know of Kombucha, the fermented sweetened black or green tea referred to by the ancient Chinese as the Immortal Health Elixir. Kombucha is a probiotic drink which it is naturally fermented with a living colony of bacteria and yeast.

There are many reasons why Kombucha is known as the Immortal Health Elixir. Firstly, it is extremely helpful in balancing the digestive system. Its high concentration of beneficial acids, enzymes and probiotics assists digestion as well as helps with absorption of nutrients. Consuming Kombucha is a great way to repopulate the gut with good bacteria. It is full of probiotic bacteria and yeast which wards off parasites and pathogens in the gut.

As I have written many times, an unhealthy gut challenges our immune system. Kombucha improves our immune system by injecting the gut with good bacteria and healthy microorganisms.

It is believed Kombucha is also effective in preventing stomach ulcers as well as leaky gut syndrome. If you’re prone to candida overgrowth, regularly consuming Kombucha can also be helpful.

Kombucha contains many of the enzymes and organic acids required to assist in detoxifying the body. By lessening the burden on the liver, kidneys and pancreas it can aid the body to detoxify itself of undesirable toxins.

I’m sure if you’re an arthritis sufferer, you will no doubt have heard of glucosamine. Glucosamine assists in protecting cartilage and inhibiting degeneration of the joints. The good news is, Kombucha is rich in glucosamine. It is also now believed good bacteria is important in lowering inflammation which means drinking Kombucha may well be helpful in treating and preventing arthritis. There is also a belief that there is a link between Rheumatoid Arthritis and gut bacteria which would indicate Kombucha could be helpful if suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis.

You can make your Kombucha at home or purchase ready made Kombucha. You need to ensure the Kombucha is unpasteurised.

Below I have included several recipes for Kombucha Mocktails. These mocktails are great non-alcoholic drinks for the summer holiday season.


 250ml bottle JIVA Watermelon and Mint Kombucha; 150ml DASH Peach Sparkling Water; 4 crushed mint leaves, Dash of Agave Syrup.  Mix well


250ml bottle JIVA Super berries Kombucha; 150ml DASH Raspberry Sparkling Water; ½ cup cranberry juice; 1 slice of ginger, finely diced. Mix well.


250ml JIVA Ginger Kombucha; 150ml DASH Mango Sparkling Water; ½ cup pineapple juice; 4 crushed mint leaves. Mix well.