New Herbal Range - Triple The Strength!!

New Herbal Range - Triple The Strength!!

Bev Dunne

Last week I wrote about the importance of ensuring we are taking good quality supplements.

One of the new ranges introduced into our store recently is the Core Botanicals range. This range has been released by herbalist Paul Keough. Paul was the co-founder of the Fusion Health range which he sold some time ago. I have known Paul for over 20 years and have great respect for Paul not only as a herbalist but also as a very ethical businessman. It therefore goes without saying, I was extremely excited when I heard Paul was releasing a new herbal range.

It was no surprise to me to find that Paul had now gone to the next level with his new herbal range developing a special extraction process which concentrated the active botanical compounds to a strength three times greater than the usual strength of liquid medicines available in Australia and overseas. Paul has always been someone who would strive for excellence in the creation of his formulas, as well as the quality of the herbs.

He tells me his new Core Botanicals range of concentrated herbal extracts represents the pinnacle of his 35-year career in formulating and producing quality herbal medicines which deliver the benefits of traditional multi-herb formulations, in a convenient all in one liquid extract form.

Paul also emphasises the importance of manufacturing his herbal formulations in Australia. He believes Australian herbal medicine standards are world-leading with internationally respected, rigorous regulatory controls and manufacturing systems.

At this stage the Core Botanicals range is limited to 4 formulas, however there are other formulas in the pipeline and no doubt this range will expand over time with more new and exciting formulations. The current formulas are -

Astradefen Immune Tonic. An East-West formula combining two restorative tonic herbs – Astragalus, traditionally used in Chinese medicine to support the immune system to fight illness and promote immune defence. Siberian Ginseng to help relieve tiredness, fatigue and feeling of weakness, plus assisting with recovery.

Immudefen Cold & Flu Tonic. An East-West formula of Echinacea and Chinese herbs with Echinacea supporting our body’s immune system to fight illness. This formula also relieves symptoms of common cold and flu, reducing the severity of symptoms of mild upper respiratory infections and mild tonsilitis. It may also relieve nasal congestion plus reduce the relieve mild bronchial coughs.

Respidefen Cough Medicine. This is a traditional Chinese medicine to relieve coughing and dissolve clear phlegm. Aster, Cynanchi and Balloon Flower are traditionally used in Chinese medicine to relieve mild production bronchial mucous congestion.

Allerdefen Allergy Medicine. The traditional Chinese herbs used in this formula may assist in the management of symptoms of hayfever (allergic rhinitis), mild eczema and dermatitis and skin hives.

Note, leading brands of consumer liquid extracts provide a potency equivalent to 500mg of dry herbs/mL. Core Botanicals liquid extracts provide potency equivalent to 1500mg of dry herbs/mL. Yes, that’s THREE times more!!