Spring Into Spring With Some Healthy Habit Changes

Spring Into Spring With Some Healthy Habit Changes

Bev Dunne

Spring is finally here and with it comes not only the warmer weather, but for many of us the feeling that it’s time to get back on track with our health. Over winter many of us put our exercise regimes on the back burner which can also go hand in hand with eating all the wrong foods – yes, those winter comfort foods are always appealing. It doesn’t take long to fall back into some unhealthy eating habits, especially during winter.

Once the warmer days arrive, we often feel like it’s time to reboot and refresh our health. I certainly know I do. So, at Go Vita we want to help you get your health back on track with our Spring Wellness Week to be held from the 12th to 15th September. This week is an opportunity to talk to our naturopath and nutritionist about your health, kick start an exercise programme and address your stress and general wellbeing.

And of course, we can’t hold a Spring Wellness Week without a Spring Gala Day.

See the Spring Wellness Week’s programme below.


An important part of our Spring Wellness Week is our 15-minute health checks with our health practitioners, Katie and Sofia. I’m sure many of you have taken advantage of these sessions previously, however this time the girls will not only offer their usual health checks, they will also be giving you the opportunity to talk to the them about their detox and weight loss programmes.

 Because at this time of the year we are often looking to lose a few of those extra kilos we have gained over winter, this is a great opportunity to be guided by the girls on the best way to achieve this. At Go Vita we have always been aware that weight loss is not a one size fits all programme. That’s why Sofia and Katie both tailor their weight loss programmes to each individual patient.


As an added bonus, this time around is we now have the Bay Pavilions Gym on board to help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. They have generously offered all of our detox and weight loss patients a 3 for 1 group fitness pass. This means to kick start your fitness regime, participants can attend 3 group fitness classes for only $16 instead of $48. What a bonus! Participants will need to attend those classes within 3 weeks of signing up.


Chery Austen has kindly once again offered Reiki sessions in our clinic for just $5. Reiki helps to reduce stress and anxiety, physical discomfort, and pain, enhance our feeling of wellbeing, increase our energy and helps calm the mind and the emotions.

We are aware that often change is hard. Changing eating and exercise habits can also be hard which is why at Go Vita we want to be there for our customers to guide you whether it be for your general wellbeing or to achieve your weight loss goals. We encourage you to take up this opportunity. Book now for your 15-minute health checks and weight loss advice and your Reiki sessions.