P.E.A Reducing Pain And Frequency of Migraines

P.E.A Reducing Pain And Frequency of Migraines

Bev Dunne

For some time now I have been writing about the supplement known as P.E.A. also known as palmitoylethanolamide which is a natural substance produced by our body to target pain and inflammation. As I have written previously, P.E.A. is a fatty acid amino molecule which has an important role on a cellular level in treating pain and inflammation. Because of this it has been found to contain anti-inflammatory, anti-pain, anti-convulsive and neuroprotective properties.  

Because of these properties P.E.A. has been found to be helpful for many health conditions such as arthritis, sciatic pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, lower back pain, neuralgia – the list goes on. In fact, since writing my articles on P.E.A. the positive feedback from customers taking P.E.A. has been incredible. I often say, in my 30 years in the complimentary healthcare industry I have never come across a product with such positive feedback. Almost every day we would have a customer telling us about the incredible results they’ve found by taking P.E.A. For some, they have finally gained relief after suffering chronic pain for decades.

This then leads me to the feedback from a long-term customer who has suffered from chronic migraines for decades. For the past 3 years these migraines have increased to the point she has suffered from them constantly, day and night. She had tried everything to relieve these migraines – chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, diet, natural supplements, and pharmaceuticals. She saw specialists and naturopaths. She tried everything to help manage the frequency and to ease the pain from the migraines. It was a constant struggle.

Three months ago, she began taking P.E.A. To her amazement the P.E.A. had an instant effect. In the first 5 days she was feeling much better, the intensity of the migraines had reduced, and she was able to reduce her pharmaceuticals. Over the 3 months she has experienced a marked improvement in her migraines. Of all the remedies both pharmaceutical and natural she says P.E.A. has made the biggest difference. She now rejoices that after all this time of suffering from chronic migraines she now feels like a normal human being.

As I mentioned in my previous articles, although P.E.A. has only become available in Australia quite recently, it has been available in Europe for decades. Because of this there has been numerous studies on the therapeutic benefits of P.E.A. when it comes to treating some of these conditions I have mentioned.

Research on the effectiveness of P.E.A. for treatment of migraines has also been undertaken. A study of 50 patients aged 18-65 suffering from episodic migraines without aura were treated with 600mg of P.E.A. twice daily for 3 months. Patients were allowed to continue with standard treatment including analgesics, anti-inflammatories or triptan therapies. All participants experienced significant improvement by the end of the study period including frequency of migraines and a decrease of analgesic use. The number of days per month with migraines decreased by nearly 50% and 71% of patients noticed the intensity of the migraines diminished. 16% of patients were able to cease taking pharmaceuticals. (1)

A further study of 20 patients aged 33-56 years suffering migraine with aura received 1200mg of P.E.A. in combination with pharmaceuticals during acute attacks for 90 days. A further 20 patients enrolled in a control group receiving only NSAID pharmaceuticals. After 60 days the patients supplementing with P.E.A. recorded a significant reduction in pain and the number of migraine attacks and were able to decrease their pharmaceutical medications. Those participants taking only NSAIDs found there was no reduction in pain intensity or the number of pain attacks. (2)

It has also been found children suffering with headaches and migraines have found relief by taking P.E.A. A study of children aged from 5 to 17 years taking 600mg of P.E.A. for 3 months found the frequency of their headaches reduced by more than 50% in 63% of patients and the intensity of the headaches and migraines was reduced. (3)

As I have written previously, I cannot imagine what it is like to live with ongoing chronic pain. It is wonderful to receive such positive feedback from those customers who have gained relief from taking P.E.A. For more information call into see Bev and the girls at Go Vita, Your Health Shop in North St in Batemans Bay or call us on 0244729737.


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