Feeling Tired Just Thinking About Christmas

Feeling Tired Just Thinking About Christmas

Bev Dunne

It’s hard to believe it’s only 6 weeks to Christmas!! How did that creep up so quickly? Maybe a little event called COVID had us distracted!  Already I’m feeling tired thinking of everything I need to achieve before then. I do however have my backup plan.  I always start taking a fantastic Chinese herbal formula at this time of the year and believe me, from past experience I can tell you it works extremely well for me in these hectic times.  For many years I found I was exhausted by the time Christmas Day arrived and then I had to drag myself through January, the busiest month of the year for our business.

This formula contains four different Ginseng extracts plus other herbs.  I’m sure many would have heard of Siberian and Korean Ginseng however many may not have heard of American and Indian Ginseng.  Korean Ginseng also known as Panax Ginseng is a great restorative herb which helps reduce fatigue and improves general wellbeing.  It is known to support the adrenal glands which can often become depleted when we are under chronic or ongoing stress.  It also helps the body deal with both mental and physical stress.

Siberian Ginseng helps reduce fatigue, particularly after illness.  It helps reduce stress levels and when taken regularly plus can help the body withstand higher amounts of physical and emotional stress.

Indian Ginseng also known as Withania is a very calming herb which has amazing stress relieving properties.  It helps resist both mental and emotional stress.  This herb is known as an adaptogen herb which means it can assist our body to beneficially adjust to physiological and psychological strain, which of course then means it enhances our resistance to factors related to stress.

American Ginseng has been used by American Indian tribes for a wide variety of conditions.  This ginseng not only helps reduce stress, it is also used to boost the immune system, plus can help with mental fatigue during prolonged mental activity.

Now the other interesting herb contained in this formula is Cordyceps.  This herb has been used for about 2000 years in the Far East, as a restorative herb particularly after illness but also during emotional or physical stress.  It also became well known when female Chinese athletes were breaking multiple world records in the early 1990’s.  Drug testing showed no traces of illegal substances however they were consuming a herbal formula containing Cordyceps. Prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympics the price of Cordyceps apparently skyrocketed and the rumour was the Chinese Government was buying up all the Cordyceps for their athletes.

Reishi Mushroom is generally known as an immune booster however it is also known as a calmative. Astragalus – yes one of my favorite herbs.  Once again Astragalus is well known as an immune tonic however it can also help with energy.  I believe the inclusion of both the Reishi Mushroom and Astragalus is perfect for such a tonic.  Most people looking for an energy tonic are usually tired and exhausted, meaning their immune system is probably battling and they are more likely to come down with some illness.  Or like me, they are anticipating a stressful tiring time, in which case they will also be putting their immune system under some stress, and the Astragalus and Reishi Mushroom can help avoid this.

I think this year more than ever, many of us are feeling the effects of such a stressful and exhausting year – or two years really. If you’re like me and wondering how you will find the energy to get through the next 6 weeks, take my advice, you don’t need to be feeling tired and exhausted, you don’t need to be dreading the next couple of hectic months. I can’t express how much these herbs have helped me get through busy and stressful times. 

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