Suffering From Heartburn, Reflux, Indigestion And Stomach Ulcers?

Suffering From Heartburn, Reflux, Indigestion And Stomach Ulcers?

Bev Dunne

I’m sure after the overindulgences of Easter, eating and drinking a little too much many are suffering the consequences. These overindulgences can often mean a bout of reflux and heartburn, maybe indigestion, bloating, a feeling of fullness particularly in the upper abdomen.

I have often written about a formula containing licorice which may just be what you need at this time of the year.

One of the standout benefits of licorice is its ability to calm the gut. It is in fact used for many digestive problems including stomach ulcers, heartburn, reflux, bloating, colic, and persistent inflammation of the stomach lining. It is often used to overcome an irritated and inflamed gut which can also cause painful stomach spasms. Licorice root lowers acid in the stomach which in turn relieves heartburn, reflux, and indigestion. It is believed the active ingredient in licorice root can overcome helicobacter pylori; the bacteria known to attack the stomach lining which is generally believed to be responsible for stomach ulcers as well as gastritis.

There is a particular formula which I like which contains Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice (DGL). This form of licorice has been found to be safer when used long term.

This formula also contains the amino acid Glutamine which I have often written about for gut health. As I have written before, our intestinal lining uses Glutamine to assist in creating a strong surface to enable good digestion and absorption. Glutamine feeds the cells which form the inner lining of our small and large intestines. Glutamine has been found to be extremely helpful in healing the gut lining. It has also been found to be helpful in maintaining good gut flora which of course helps support a healthy gut.

Aloe vera, calendula and slippery elm are also included in this formula. Aloe vera is believed to enhance digestion, restore the balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut and bowel and is an excellent anti-inflammatory to the gut and bowel. Calendula helps relieve and treat inflammation to the gut whilst slippery elm helps sooth irritated mucous membranes and at the same time helps repair the digestive tract and feeds the good bacteria in the large intestine.

If you suffer from ongoing heartburn and reflux as well as other digestive problems, it would be beneficial to also address the acid/alkaline balance in your gut by supplementing with barley grass powder. By alkalising the gut often many of the above symptoms may subside. I have lost count of the number of customers who have overcome reflux, heartburn and other digestive problems by supplementing with barley grass powder and alkalising their body.

At our Autumn Health & Wellbeing Day this Thursday 20th April we will be offering free taste testing of our licorice gut formula. As well we can provide acid/alkaline test kits where you can test your acid/alkaline levels.