GoodMix Bliss Ball Mix


Cashews*, Dates, Apricots*, Raw Cacao*, Raw Cacao Nibs*, Natural Protein Powder (pea isolate*), Almond Meal, Maca*, Mesquite*.   

  • = certified organic ingredient
  • 🌱 Gluten-free, vegan-friendly, nutritious and delicious, a healthy chocolate fix that’s suitable for everyone. Ideal for athletes, busy mums, and fitness enthusiasts.

    🌱 Perfect for pre or post-workout, in a healthy packed lunch, quick bite on-the-go, as dessert, or a snack between meals.

    🌱 Multi-purpose: Bliss ball mix isn't just for protein balls. It can also be used to make raw desserts, bars and slices (so many easy recipe ideas!)

    🌱 Time saving: No food processor required, just tip the pack into a bowl, add water or coconut oil and shape into balls (or bars, or slice etc). Add your own extras if you like to make new and exciting flavour combos! Refrigerate or freeze to store for longer periods.

    🌱 Try adding peanut butter, hempseeds, rum n raisin, coffee, spices, orange zest, frozen berries, choc chips, collagen powder...endless, easy chocolatey possibilities!

    Empty pack into a large bowl, add coconut oil or water as directed, use clean hands to combine well & compress into desired shapes. (Add other ingredients prior to mixing & shaping if desired).

    Note: they work even without the coconut oil (just add the same amount of water instead, although coconut oil = best for sustained energy & curbing sweet cravings).

    Bliss Balls made with coconut oil can be frozen or kept in the fridge for up to 6 weeks.

    Hint: split your batch into 3 bowls after adding the coconut oil, & add a different flavour to them all - 3 variations to try, after only one quick session in the kitchen! Minimal mess & maximum

    Sizes 375g (~15 balls) and 750g (~30 balls)

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GoodMix Bliss Ball Mix

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