Herbs of Gold Oregano Oil Organic 60caps

Each capsule contains:
Origanum vulgare (Oregano) leaf essential oil 100mg
containing minimum 80% carvacrol
Does not contain egg, milk, peanut, corn, soy, tree nuts, animal products, gluten, lactose or artificial colours or flavours.

Herbs of Gold Organic Oregano Oil:

Contains high-strength, pure organic Oregano oil in an organic extra virgin Olive oil base.
Is standardised to contain not less than 80% carvacrol, the main active constituent of Oregano oil.
Supports immune system health.
Is a potent source of antioxidants that reduce free radicals formed in the body.
Maintains general health and wellbeing.
Is provided in a convenient, low excipient vegan capsule.

High strength 100mg.
Organic and sourced from Turkey.
In an organic cold pressed olive oil base also sourced from the Mediterranean.

Directions for use:
Adults - Take 1 capsule, once or twice daily, with food, or as directed by your health professional.

Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

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Herbs of Gold Oregano Oil Organic 60caps

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