Naked Chocolate Freeze Dried Coconut with Dark Belgian Chocolate 100gm

Ingredients: Premium dark chocolate 83% (cocoa mass 43.5%, sugar 43.5%, cocoa butter 12.5%, emulsifier: soya lecithin <1%, natural vanilla flavouring <1%), freeze dried coconut 12%, toasted organic coconut 5%, vegan friendly glazing agent.


Naked Chocolate have raised the bar to a new level on the traditional favourite coconut rough. This freeze dried coconut covered in premium Belgian dark chocolate and embedded with toasted organic coconut is the pinnacle of chocolate and coconut heaven.

True to their ethos of 'Naked', there are no nasty ingredients - just pure, crispy freeze dried coconut pieces coated in premium Belgian dark chocolate and toasted organic coconut.

Servings per packet: 2
Servings size: 50g
Per 50g                               Per 100g
Energy 1,177kJ                          2,354kJ
Protein 2.6g                               5.3g
Fat - Total 20g                            40g
Fat - Saturated 13.5g                  27g
Carbohydrates - Total 21.4g          42.8g
Sugars 18.9g                                 37.9g
Sodium 11.3mg                            22.7mg



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Naked Chocolate Coconut with Dark Belgian Chocolate

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