Naked Chocolate Mango Freeze Dried with Belgian Chocolate 100gm


Ingredients: Premium dark chocolate 87.5% (cocoa mass 43.5%, sugar 43.5% cocoa butter 12.% emulsifier: soya lecithin <1%, natural vanilla flavouring <1%), freeze dried mango 12.5%, vegan friendly glazing agent.

Premium Belgian dark chocolate is layered upon pieces of freeze dried mango. A must try for those who love mango and dark chocolate.  No nasty ingredients - just pure, crsipy freeze dried mango coated in premium Belgian dark chocolate.

Nutritional Information Table

Servings per packet: 2
Servings size: 50g
Per 50g                                                  Per 100g
Energy 1,099kJ                                       2,197kJ
Protein 2.5g                                              5g
Fat - Total 15.9g                                        31.8g
Fat - Saturated 9.5g                                  19g
Carbohydrates - Total 25.5g                        51g
Sugars 22.2g                                                44.4g
Sodium 12mg                                              24mg




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Naked Chocolate Mango with Belgian Chocolate

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