Nutraviva Pet Care Plus Formula Pure Bovine Collagen + Glucosamine 200gm


Bovine collagen hydrolysate, glucosamine sulphate. Formulated to assist with growth and development, bone, joint and cartilage maintenance, skin and coat health, wound healing and general health and wellbeing.

Pet Care Plus Formula has no odour, is tasteless and sticks to dry food. The American Journal Animal & Veterinary Science reported that when 10 grams per day is fed to dogs with osteoarthritis, after 8 weeks there was a marked improvement with dogs showing more mobility, less stiffness and lameness.

Key Benefits
No Odour
Tasteless and sticks to dry food
Supporting coat and nail health
Reduced skin allergies
Build and maintain muscle
Strengthen cartilage, bone, tendon and ligaments
Reducing arthritis, inflammation and pain
Lubricate joints for better mobility
Improve intestinal health
Boosting energy levels


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Nutraviva Pet Care Plus Formula 200gm

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