Pimp My Salad Super Seed Sprinkles 135gm


Sunflower Seeds (40%), Pumpkin Seeds (15%), Flax Seeds (15%), Chia Seeds (10%), Sesame Seeds (10%), Nutritional Yeast, Tamari (Filtered Water, Soybeans, Sea Salt), Paprika, Rosemary, Himalayan Pink Salt.

Product Description
A delicious mix of 6 nutritious and activated seeds, Super Seeds are a vegan and gluten free salad topper and a healthy alternative to croutons for topping your favorite dishes on a paleo diet. These savoury and crunchy salad toppers will make even the most basic salad extraordinarily yummy – and add a great deal of plant based protein to your diet!

Super Seeds will take your meals to the next level! Use them to create the best salads, sandwiches, smoothie bowls and avocado toast, or add a burst of flavour and vegan protein to your curries, soups and nourish bowls. Super Seeds are also handy as keto friendly snacks on their own!

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Pimp My Salad Super Seed Sprinkles

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