SanAir Mozzyno Mosquito Solution 80gm

SAN-AIR proprietary essential oils, purified water, natural binding agents. Contains no petroleum based ingredients. 100% Natural.

Why use it?
Proven to keep mosquitoes (mozzies) away.
Made from natural plant based active ingredients.
Food safe certificate
Where to use it
Use inside your home, camping tents and caravans to stop the intrusion of mosquitoes.

Product details
Lifetime: 6 to 8 weeks once opened*. Up to 2 years if left unopened.
Weight: 75 grams
Indoor Coverage:
1-2 jars for 100 – 200 square metres
3-6 jars for up to 350 square metres

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SanAir Mozzyno Mosquito Solution 80gm

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