Skinny Mocktail Variety Pack 10 x 8gm sachets

Skinny Mocktail variety pack contains 2 x each of the flavours. Please refer to each product for ingredient information.

It includes 10 x 8g sachets:

2 x Coconut-Pine Swirl
2 x Apple-Lychee Cooler
2 x Peach-mango Crush
2 x Choc-Cherry Espresso
2 x Melon-Berry Bliss

Friendly - Non GMO

Non-Alcoholic Gin Powder: The alcohol-free gin is a blend of juniper berries, orange, lemon, aniseed, and coriander. These selected ingredients work together to replicate the exceptional taste and aromatic experience of traditional gin, while being completely free of alcohol. It's the ideal choice for individuals who desire a non-alcoholic alternative to your favourite gin-like mocktail.

Non-Alcoholic Rum Powder: The alcohol-free rum alternative is skilfully crafted with a blend of cassia, clove, and nutmeg, capturing the rich and aromatic flavours reminiscent of traditional rum. This carefully selected combination of ingredients allows you to enjoy the essence of rum without any alcohol content. It's the ideal choice for individuals seeking a non-alcoholic alternative that is sure to satisfy.

Mocktail Blend: The flavours and powders used in the Skinny Mocktail are 100% natural, and carefully selected to indulge your taste buds in a refreshing and healthy way. From the tropical sweetness of pineapple, coconut and mango to the tanginess of lime and passionfruit, and the fruity goodness of apple, lychee, watermelon, and strawberry, each flavour is thoughtfully chosen to provide a delicious and guilt-free drinking experience. The addition of Braziillan coffee, rich cocoa, and antioxidant-packed raspberry and cherry powders also adds depth and complexity to the taste profile, making the Skinny Mocktail a delightful and satisfying non-alcoholic beverage choice.



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Skinny Mocktail Variety Pack 10 x 8gm sachets

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